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What's been happening in North Central Division by Troy Hendricks

Wed, September 06, 2023 4:53 PM | Gail Kotowski (Administrator)

August brought the last 3 races for points that count towards the Season Rankings in the Midwest Paddle League. The top 5 racers qualify for an award. Points are earned by racing, you need to participate in 2 races in a particular division to be ranked. There is a maximum of 5 races for scoring, which is your top 5 races. Each race is 1000 points for first and a decreasing amount of points for subsequent places in each race category. The six race divisions are 14' SUP Male and Female, Shor distance (~5k) and Long distance (~10k) divisions, also 12'6" SUP Short distance Male and Female. The final award any racer can win regardless of where they finish is the Waterman Award. Simply participate in a race in FOUR states- Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana to obtain the award.

Consistency, and lots of it, is the name of the game in the season rankings. All 10 of the top Male and female long-distance SUP winners raced in at least 5 races. The long-distance races were also dominated by two winners who obtained a perfect score. Congratulations to Danielle and Dan.  The short distance was also dominated by 6 people who participated in at least 5 races. But that means that there is plenty of room at the top of the short distance for people who participate in more races next summer!

The women's short distance 14' division came down to the wire with Elizabeth beating Ana by seconds to take first in the last race, Sky An Oar, and overall season rankings. Both women along with Jill, podiumed in the last points race to secure their spot in the season rankings. In the men's short distance, Rob Wilkinson podiumed at Sky an Oar to jump into the top 5 rankings. Interestingly Rob, Troy, and Elizabeth were ranked in both the Short and Long Distance rankings. There were 10 people who earned the Waterman Award for SUP racing.

Who will win MWPL 

Male/Female Rookie of the Year and

Male/Female Paddler of the Year? 

Come find out on Saturday, September 9 after the Rubber Ducky Regatta. There will be an after-race party and a Season Awards Celebration.

The Final Season Rankings

Long Distance Women's SUP 14'

Danielle Holdsworth (5) 5000 pts

Kattie Carpenter (5) 4400 pts

Kirsten Marina Lefeldt (5) 4280 pts

Julie Miller (5) 3920 pts

Kathy McRae (5) 3920 pts

Long Distance Men's SUP 14'

Dan Novak (5) 5000 pts

Joe Bechtold (5) 4020 pts

Karl Euster (5) 3600 pts

Alex Sandler 2760 pts

Vlad Vetrov 2380 pts

Short Distance Women's SUP 14'

Elizabeth Duke (5) 4660 pts

Ana Ebright (5) 4400 pts

Jill Bloemendaal (5) 3360 pts

Cheryl Perlis 2000 pts

Rebecca Trapp 1960 pts

Short Distance Men's SUP 14'

Patrick Reeg (5) 4200 pts

Troy Hendricks (5) 2869 pts

Rob Wilkinson 2560 pts

Ryan Bryker 2060 pts

Adam Rivera 2000 pts

Short Distance Women's SUP 12'6" & under

Laura Kinne (5) 4540 pts

Catlin Cowan 1280 pts

Amy Gowans 1040 pts

Amanda Sleeper 1000 pts

Short Distance Men's SUP 12'6" & under

Aaron Lugo 2000 pts

Waterman Award Winners 

Kirsten Marina Lefeldt

Kathy McRae
Joe Bechtold
Karl Eugster
Elizabeth Duke
Ana Ebright
Patrick Reeg

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