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CANCELLED Santa Cruz Paddlefest 2023

  • Fri, March 31, 2023
  • Sun, April 02, 2023
  • Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Come join the planets longest running paddle surfing competition as we notch our 34th Paddlefest march 31 - April 2, 2023!

Santa Cruz Paddlefest (SCPF) hosts elite level kayak surfing and SUP surfing at the legendary break, Steamer Lane, and an intermediate category at the friendlier Cowells beach.

Additionally, a race along the Iconic Santa Cruz Boardwalk is set for Saturday which welcomes SUP, surf ski, sea Kayaks, prone boards, and outrigger canoes. With such a variety of events, there is something for everyone at the Santa Cruz Paddlefest!

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Steamer Lane Competition

The star event at The Lane has paddle surfers flocking to Santa Cruz from across the globe to take advantage of one of Santa Cruz’s most fabled breaks.

Waves break along West Cliff Drive and can hold sets of double overhead+ size that eventually taper out into a more friendly size range.

Steamer Lane is host to Santa Cruz Paddlefest’s elite surfing competition of surf kayaks, whitewater kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and waveskis.

Each class competes separately earning points by performing dynamic maneuvers.

Competitors surf through several 4-5 man heats eventually competing in the Finals Sunday afternoon.

Cowells Classic Competition

The Cowells Classic started many years ago as part of SCPF as a friendly surfing competition.

Located at the tail end of The Lane paddle surfers are able to score long waves without the intense competition scene held at the Lane.

Cowells is promoted within our event as an intermediate class of surf paddlers.


10k Long Course

The Long Course is a 6.2 mile race that launches off of Cowells Beach.

The Long Course division includes both male and female SUP, Prone, OC1 , Ski, and Kayak competitors racing a two lap paddle course and a final beach sprint to the finish.

Lap one takes competitors from the beach* in front of the Dream Inn out around the Santa Cruz Wharf to the Santa Cruz Harbor and back.

After the first lap, racers will hit the water again headed for a course marker set just off the Wharf, then head off to Santa Cruz Harbor, back to the buoy set just off of Steamer lane, and then to the beach for a short beach sprint to the finish.

*Outriggers, kayaks, and surf skis have a water start.

5k Short Course

The short course is a 3.1 mile race with short beach run to the finish. Short Course division includes both male and female SUP and Prone competitors racing a one lap paddle course with a short sprint up the beach to the finish.

The Short Course takes competitors from the beach in front of the Dream Inn around the Santa Cruz Wharf to the Santa Cruz Harbor and back.

After a short beach run, racers will finish under the arch on the beach behind the Dream inn.

2k Kids Race Course

Youth age groups launch from the base of the Santa Cruz wharf in the nice protected waters off of Cowells beach. Racers compete two laps to the end of the wharf and back to the finish on the beach.


Stay tuned for clinics!

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