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USA SUP Regions

USA SUP is using a 6-region geographical system to manage our activity across the country. Refer to the following map to find your region based on the state you reside in. 

4.2024 Change

Merged Regions: Northeast & Midatlantic combined to NORTHEAST

4.2023 Changes

NW Region (Green) - Add WY (from SC)  

SW Region (Orange) - Add UT (from SC) 

NC Region (Yellow) - Add KY (from SE) and release NE and KS (to SC)

SC Region (Dark Blue) - Add NE and KS (from overloaded NC) 

NE Region (Red) - Add NJ (from MA) and release PA (to MA)

MA Region (Purple) - Add PA (from NE) and release NJ (to NE)

SE Region (Light Blue) - Add NC SC (from MA) and release KY (to NC)

Regional Reps

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