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This page contains some of the most frequently asked questions about SUP and our organization. We are updating it regularly.

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1. How are you different than the other org's that do SUP events?

- There are other org's that do SUP events, have rankings, and name champions. Many of those orgs base those rankings and results on relatively few events that they control. USA SUP aims to base our rankings and results on the thousands of local races held across the country every year. We want to recognize the full spectrum of events that comprise our sport.

2. Are you trying to take over from independant race directors and leagues?

Absolutely not, local races and leagues are the lifeblood of our sport, it's where tommorows superstar starts racing for the first time, it's where people fall in love with paddling.  We want to help by providing guidance and resources that have been proven to help make races more successful. In order to have credible rankings there needs to be some rules parity, but there is plenty of room to accommodate different stokes from different folks. We here to help not be big brother.

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