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Sunshine State Games - All Around SUP Class

Mon, September 26, 2022 4:49 PM | Kristin Thomas (Administrator)

Sunshine State Games All Around Class Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Event, presented by Amazon International Beach Games - 09/24/2022

What happened at this years event was a landmark success!

Kevin Woodin's Perspective

How can I summarize this event? EASE, PLACEMENT, TOGETHERNESS, and INCLUSIVITY.
This event received some extraordinary feedback from all the participants, volunteers, spectators, and sponsors. We celebrated each and every win together, and that's an extraordinary accomplishment. We had a couple of new paddlers out there for their first or second time, and everyone gave them amazing support. The event emphasized on the all around board class (SUP Surf/planing hull design), time trial format (staggered start), short course (with easy/moderate turns), two laps, three heats, and the entire event was fully visible from shore. Every paddler was center stage. All paddlers of different skill levels had the opportunity to claim a podium finish on an equal playing field. It all came down to your best, not the best. The winners were determined by the lowest total time of the combined heats.

Even experienced paddlers had to dig a little deeper. Some took advantage in the distance between turns. Some had the advantage in the turns. Some favored the tail winds. Others did better in the head winds. Some went out to hard, and some to slow. Some just enjoyed being part of the amazing community experience and fantastic Florida weather. After each heat the paddlers had a short break before starting again. Some of the newer paddlers took this time to ask more experienced paddlers for some tips, and then made some changes in the next heat. Some paddlers switched boards because this event brought together a wide range of all around class board brands, shapes, and sizes to choose from. All the connectedness and conversations were truly amazing. The fun was just non stop until the very end.
Event results here

A big thank you goes out to everyone involved in making this years event possible.
Event organizers: Danny Smith, Karren Watson, and Mitch Varnes.
Event support and volunteers: JD Smith, Daniel Patala, Pattie Kelley, Jeri Bergen, Manuela Woodin, Leah Cortez, Sharon Robinson, Anastasia McCauley, Vicky Stanevich, and Cyndy Seifert.
Business partners: Paddling Paradise, Paddle Sports League (PSL), Fin Box Lock, Sunshine State Games presented by Amazon, and Smooth Running.

SUP Life encourages people to fall in love with the uncomfortable space of growth, development, and reward together. With ease, placement, togetherness, and inclusivity, we hone our skills of power, stamina, paced effort, balance, flexibility, strength, and allow movement to reward the body, mind, emotions, and Life energies. We need to create a positive energy in our community that enriches and informs our body and mind of knowledge and feed our energetic and emotional wellbeing. Together in Nature we can find sanity and purpose in witnessing the beauty around us, and participating with that beauty through engaging in our curiosity, wonder, and playfulness. With ease and placement, let's make more of this fun happen together!


2023 All Around Board Class Event Series COMING SOON!
We are already hard at work planning a series of 10 events for 2023. We want to work with other organizers to host multiple locations. The format remains the same, but we'll add a half-that for the new paddlers. Get ready to share more good vibes!

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