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  • Sun, April 07, 2024 5:36 AM | Kristin Thomas (Administrator)

    At their ICF Board of Directors meeting, the International organization set dates for 8 different disciplines, including STAND UP PADDLING (SUP) World Championships 

    2025 Abu Dabi, UAE

    2026 Sicily, ITALY

    2027 Sarasota, Florida, USA

    This year's ICF World Championships will be held in Sarasota, Florida at Nathan Benderson Park November 19-24, 2024.

    While the event is Open to all, Junior & Open USAmerican Team representing our country for points will be chosen September 6-8 in Hilton Head, South Carolina at the USA SUP National Championships at the Olukai Low Country Boil. 


    USA SUP National Championships at Olukai Low Country Boil


  • Mon, October 09, 2023 6:40 AM | Gail Kotowski (Administrator)

    New Jersey’s paddleboard community came together on October 7th to race, not just for the thrill of the sport but for a cause that has touched the hearts of many. The devastating fires in Maui, which saw several families lose their homes and means of livelihood, became the rallying point for a community ready to offer their support.

    Kevin Kahikina, deeply moved by the plight of his family members in Maui who lost their homes, teamed up with Ed O’Kinsky to conceptualize this fundraising race. With the unyielding support of friends Josette Lata, Andrea Kahikina, and Marsha Worthington, the idea turned into a reality.

    Paddle with Purpose paddlers prepare for the race start

    The turnout was heartening. 111 enthusiastic participants raised funds through a $50 entry fee, donations, and a raffle featuring prizes from local businesses and items donated by community members.

    Adding to the star power and attraction of the event were Connor Jager, an Olympic swimmer, and Christie Raleigh Crossley, a para-Olympian. The majority of participants took to the waters on stand-up paddleboards (SUP), but there were also 30 prone boards, 5 lifeguard boats, and a special appearance by Chris Bertish, who completed the five-mile race and generously donated a signed paddle and books for the raffle.

    (Dee Schmitz, Dee Eknekjian Bagarazzi  SupNJ, Chris Bertisch, Roxane Robinson, Gail Kotowski 
    After the race, participants and supporters enjoyed a potluck lunch, with most of the food being heartily consumed. Through various fundraising efforts, including a virtual Maui Food Bank link and a significant donation from SEA, the community managed to raise a whopping $10,950! This entire amount will be channeled to aid Maui families affected by the fires.

    Those who couldn’t join the paddle race but wish to contribute can support the NJ Paddlers’ initiative by donating to the Maui Virtual Food Drive. Every dollar you donate can help provide four meals to those hungry in Maui County, where 40% of the beneficiaries are children and youth.


    (Gail Kotowski,Marsha Worthington, Richard Lee,Josette Lata, Evelyn O'Foherty)

    A Personal Note from Josette Lata, the Race Organizer:

    Aloha everyone,

    The race committee would like to thank all of you for your generosity and positive energy to make yesterday’s race a success! You all showed up despite the sketchy forecast, but the rain held off, and we enjoyed glassy conditions. We had 99 racers participate in three races (5 mile, 2 mile, and kids’ race), and the community’s generosity shone through with raffle donations and a potluck feast.

    From the gift cards, the online Maui Foodbank fundraiser, the raffle, and a $2500 donation from SeaPaddle via Richard Lee, we collected $10,950! None of this would’ve been possible without you all. If you missed the race, there’s still time to donate online for your pledged $50 fee. Thank you to those who’ve already donated! We will be closing the site for donations this Friday. For race photos, check the drop box folder.

    On behalf of the race committee, a massive mahalo for helping our extended Maui community in their time of need. This community truly embodies ohana, and your aloha spirit shines brightly.

    Mahalo for your kokua, Andrea, Kevin, Josie, Eddy, Carly, and Marsha.

    Photo Credit: Photos provided with permission by Josette Lata


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  • Mon, June 26, 2023 7:48 AM | Kristin Thomas (Administrator)

    ISA confirms SUP WorLd Championships 2023 and 2024


    We could not have been more surprised when we got the news this morning (Hawaiian Time, we are always the last to get up): The ISA has confirmed France as host country for the SUP World Championships 2023 and not only that they also confirmed Denmark as the host country for 2024. For the longest time rumors of holding an event in Taiwan in December were pretty persistent and behind the scenes it was said it was pretty much a done deal. Well, the rumors were wrong. 

    This is an unprecedented move for the ISA, as we usually get short notice from them, hence the announcement for September in France. This gives us a time line of 3 month to prepare. Having an event announce over a year out on the other hand is extremely unusual. Even here at the Stand Up Magazin we were caught off guard, as we were just working on at title story with Casper Steinfath and he assured us that he also heard rumors about Taiwan. 

    Either way here the cat is out of the bag and these are the dates:

    Les Sables d’Olonne 24. September – 1. October 2023

    Les Sables d’Olonne experiences favorable ocean conditions in September and the water is still considerably warm. September is known for its pleasant weather in Les Sables d’Olonne, with a lower chance of rainfall and plenty of sunshine, creating an inviting atmosphere by the ocean.

    Most of the tourists are gone as summer vacation time is over, so it will be less crowded.

    Copenhagen 16. September – 24. September 2024

    Copenhagen was the venue in 2017 and the first time the ISA had an event in Europe. It was a great success and mostly the accomplishment of Casper Steinfath who held the vice presidency back then.

    For the SUP Surfers amongst the competitors the conditions were rather difficult. From a logistics point of view our central European SUP athletes are very happy about this choice.

    This is the PR from the ISA:

    The International Surfing Association (ISA) is delighted to confirm today that France and Denmark have been appointed as respective hosts of the 2023 and 2024 ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championships (WSUPPC).

    The 2023 and 2024 editions will be the 10th and 11th time the ISA has staged the WSUPPC – and the dual hosting announcement reaffirms the strong international interest in this major SUP event. WSUPPC 2023 will be held in the picturesque bay of Les Sables d’Olonne on the western coast of France on September 24 – October 1. Meanwhile, Copenhagen, the spectacular capital of Denmark, will host WSUPPC 2024, which will be a SUP Racing only event on September 16-24, 2024.

    Both editions of the annual ISA event will welcome the world’s top SUP athletes as WSUPPC once again demonstrates it is the premier global SUP and Paddleboard competition having crowned undisputed World Champions in the sport since the event’s 2012 inception.

    As double-reigning ISA World Team SUP Champions, France will host the WSUPPC for the first time in the event’s history, whilst Denmark hosted the WSUPPC in 2017 with record participation.

    France will look to continue its dominance in the team competition on its home beaches in Sables d’Olonne following strong performances from Benoit Carpentier in SUP Surfing and Noic Garioud in the SUP Technical Racing at last year’s WSUPPC in Puerto Rico.

    ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, said:

    “After the amazing success of last year’s event in Puerto Rico, we are very excited to bring our SUP World Championships to two great nations with a strong tradition in Stand Up paddling and surfing.

    “With this announcement, the ISA reaffirms its full commitment to the global growth and development of this discipline, also at an Olympic level.

    “Our message to the SUP athletes around the world and to the global SUP community is, we continue to support you and work hard to create a platform to showcase your talents and this fantastic sport.

    “Together with our partners in France and Denmark, I have no doubt that we will see new records of participation and growth for the event and the sport in 2023 and 2024.”

    The Mayor of Sables d’Olonne, Yannick MOREAU, said:

    “Les Sables d’Olonne is the Vendée Globe, it’s Adventure, it’s the love of the sea. A love shared by thousands of board sports enthusiasts: Surfing, Va’a, Wingfoil, Paddle… having a great time. It must be said that we are spoiled; from the large beach at Tanchet, from La Ch’noue to Les Granges… our spots are superb. Hosting these World Championships means asserting ourselves as a surfing destination. It’s planting our flag on the world map of must-see spots. This is our tourism strategy to attract enthusiasts from all over the world. It is to create the vocations that will make the champions of tomorrow.”

    Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, said:

    “It is my ambition that we can offer sporting and cultural events every year to Copenhageners and our visitors. Events that bring us together. Therefore it is really gratifying that we will once again welcome some of the world’s best surfers at the World SUP Championships in Copenhagen. It is both an opportunity to show our fantastic harbor and clean bathing water to the world, and a great pleasure for Copenhageners who love water sports. It is crucial that the big events in Copenhagen also involve Copenhageners and offer a positive experience for everyone.”

    We had the chance to be once part of an ISA event and it was one of the most legendary one in Fiji in 2016. Take a journey with us into the past:

  • Tue, June 20, 2023 7:45 AM | Kristin Thomas (Administrator)

    USA Surfing's National Championships & ISA Qualifiers - June  

    From USA Surfing facebook:

    " Oceanside’s North Jetty was pumping for the 2023 USA Surfing Championship SUP and prone paddleboard races. The best racers from across the nation and Hawaii competed for national titles, and the opportunity to represent their country at the @isasurfing World SUP and Paddleboard Championship. "

    The following SUP race athletes qualified to compete on USA Surfing’s team, which will compete at the ISA World Championship – a pathway to the Pan American Games.  Hit the bio link for full race results.'

    [ NOTE: Location & date just announced! ISA World Chamionships with be in Denmark in September.]

    USA SURFING TEAM MEMBERS (ISA World Champs Qualifiers):

    SUP Distance Men

    • Riley Jaggi
    • Paul Pianowski

    SUP Distance Women

    • Candice Appleby
    • Victoria Burgess

    SUP Tech Men

    • Campbell Carter
    • Riley Jaggi
    • 1st Alt Dave Boehne

    SUP Tech Women

    • Candice Appleby
    • Soryn Preston
    • 1st Alt Victoria Burgess

    SUP Tech Junior Boy

    • Campbell Carter
    • 1st Alt Bobo Gallagher

    SUP Tech Junior Girl

    • Soryn Preston
    • 1st Alt Maylee Jaggi

    SUP Sprint Men

    • Connor Baxter* (Defending 2022 Gold)
    • 1st Alt TBD

    SUP Sprint Women

    • April Zilg* (Defending 2022 Gold)
    • 1st Alt TBD

    SUP Surf Men

    • Bobo Gallagher
    • Dave Boehne

    SUP Surf Women

    • Dominique Miller
    • Candice Appleby

    NOTE: SPRINTS were not help, but Team partially picked from last previous WINS: 

    SUP Sprint Men
    Connor Baxter* (Defending 2022 Gold)
    1st Alt TBD
    SUP Sprint Women
    April Zilg* (Defending 2022 Gold)
    1st Alt TBD

    Women 19-39
    Lindsay Weidner (29:19.37)
    Rebecca Parsons (31:28.98)
    Men 19-39
    Bo Weidner (29:18:14)
    Tyler Voas (33:38.13)
    Gregory Benedict (40:14.31)
    Women 40-49
    Audrey Lee (32:16.97)
    Lynann Escatel (32:43.86)
    Men 40-49
    Phil Vanhoey (29:46.88)
    Jeremy Culuko (31:26:16)
    Women 50-59
    Veronica Wold (46:52.79)
    Men 50-59
    Sean Arnold (33:28.95)
    Ken Bahl (34:53:36)
    Richard Round (37:12.55)
    Craig Cascelli (37:41.59)
    Women 60+
    Kristin Thomas (30:25.27)
    Men 60+
    Tony Forcier (29:59.55)
    Andrzej Stasiak (33:12.84)
    Barrie Williams (33:28.01)
    Michael Markunas (33:37.32)
    James Yanoschik (43:55.98)

  • Tue, June 21, 2022 8:00 AM | Kristin Thomas (Administrator)

    Top American Athletes Compete in Oceanside 

    USA Team selected for ISA World Champs in Puerto Rico in November

    Three days of competition June 16-18 included a Distance Race, SUP Surfing and Technical Racing, as well as a new separate Age Group race all hosted by USA Surfing. American Team identified for ISA (International Surfing Association) World Championships in Puerto Rico November, 2022. 

    SUP DISTANCE (9.5 miles) 

    Top TWO (2) Male & Female in SUP & Top ONE (1) in Prone Male & Female Athletes qualify to represent the USA at the ISA Worlds.


    1. Danny Ching, CA
    2. Connor Baxter, HI

    Bodie Von Allman, OR  1st Alternate


    1. April Zilg, NC
    2. Stephanie Shideler, FL

    Victoria Burgess, FL 1st Alternate


    1. Hunter Flueger, HI (men)
    2. Tiana Pugliese, CA (women) 


    Top TWO Male & Female athletes in SUP Surfing qualify to represent the USA at the ISA Worlds


    1. Zane Schweitzer, HI
    2. Bernd Roediger, HI

    Max Torres, PR, 1st Alternate 


    1. Candice Appleby, CA
    2. Kanani Yockman, HI

    Sam Estebrooks, CA 1st Alternate


    Top TWO (2) Male & Females in SUP & Top ONE (1) in Prone Male & Female Athletes, as well as One Female & One Male JUNIOR SUP athlete qualify to represent the USA at the ISA Worlds.


    1. Candice Appleby 
    2. April Zilg

    Soryn Preston1st Alternate (also Junior)


    1. Connor Baxter, HI
    2. Campbell Carter, NC

    Bodie Von Allman, OR  1st Alternate


    1. Campbell Carter, NC (also 2nd Men)

    Bodie Von Allman, OR 1st Alternate (also Mens 3rd/Alternate)

    1. Soryn Preston, CA (also  Womens 3rd/Alternate)

    Maylee Jaggi, CA 1st Alternate 


    1. Hunter Flueger, HI (Men)
    2. Tiana Pugliese, CA (Women)

    USA Surfing’s Age Group SUP National Champions 

    SUP Surf & Race Age group events winners: 

    SUP Surfing

    Boys U18 SUP surf

    Bobo Gallagher, HI

    Women 40+

    Veronica Wold, CA

    Men 40+

    Syrus Melandish, 

    SUP Racing

    Girls 18U

    Soryn Preston 

    Women 19-39

    Lindsay Weidner

    Men 19-39

    Dennis Gibson

    Women 40-49

    LynAnn Escatel

    Men 40-49

    Jeremy Kuluko 

    Women 50-59

    Kristin Thomas

    Men 50-59

    Sean Sullivan

    Men 60+

    Tony Forcier

    Congratulations to all, especially in the rough conditions.  Full results for SUP Racing (distance, tech & age group) can be found on - Results for SUP Surfing can be found on

  • Mon, May 02, 2022 9:06 AM | Kristin Thomas (Administrator)

    Media Release


    Coveted Carolina Cup titles won by Booth of Australia and USA’s Zilg 


    A person wearing a hat and sunglasses Description automatically generated with low confidence


    Michael Booth, Australia, 2018, 2019, 2022 Carolina Cup Graveyard Race Champion – Robert B Butler


    WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NORTH CAROLINA, USA – Crossing the finish line just four seconds ahead of four-time champion Danny Ching of California, Australian Michael Booth seized his third title in the grueling 13.2-mile Carolina Cup Graveyard Race. 


    Meanwhile, North Carolina’s April Zilg powered to her second consecutive Graveyard Race victory with an almost one-minute margin over internationally ranked elite paddlers Kimberly Barnes of Florida and Candice Appleby of California. 


    “It feels amazing and surreal to come back and repeat the Carolina Cup win on the actual Graveyard course,” said Zilg. “In 2021, the course was modified due to severe weather conditions. I am usually happy and prevail in very challenging conditions. This year was challenging for me because the conditions were better, and that’s not usually my strong suit. So, I knew that it was going to be a very tough race. But it went well.”


    Attracting amateur and professional athletes from the South Pacific, Asia, Central America, South America, Hawaii, Europe, Canada, and the United States, Carolina Cup is one of the largest and most prominent paddle sporting events globally. Organized by the Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club and presented by Kona Brewing Company, five days of exhibitions, demos, clinics, and races were based at Blockade Runner Beach Resort, April 27-May 1, 2022. 


    A person wearing sunglasses Description automatically generated with low confidence


      April Zilg, NC/USA, 2021 and 2022 Carolina Cup Graveyard Race Champion – Robert B Butler


      The Graveyard Race Top Ten 


      Men’s Elite Division

    • 1.   Michael Booth, Australia
    • 2.   Danny Ching, CA, USA
    • 3.   Shuri Araki, Japan
    • 4.   Ty Judson, Australia
    • 5.   Connor Baxter, Hawaii, USA
    • 6.   Itzel Delgado, Peru
    • 7.   Eri Tenorio, Brazil
    • 8.   Daniel Hasulyo, Hungary/Thailand
    • 9.   Bodie Von Allmen, Oregon, US
    • 10 Tim Oliver, Ontario, Canada


      Women’s Elite Division

    • 1.   April Zilg, North Carolina, USA
    • 2.   Kim Barnes, Florida, USA
    • 3.   Candice Appleby, California, USA
    • 4.   Stephanie Schideler, Long Island, NY
    • 5.   Abby Baker, California, USA
    • 6.   Juliette DuHaime, Argentina
    • 7.   Emilie Fournel, Montreal, Canada
    • 8.   Regan Littell, New Jersey, USA
    • 9.   Jenna Blackburn, North Carolina, USA

    10 Madeline LeBlanc, Ontario, Canada


    This year, the International Canoe Federation and Carolina Cup partnered to have the Technical Sprint and Graveyard Race serve as pre-qualifiers for the ICF World Series in Poland. Four ICF world champions competed in the 2022 Carolina Cup races – Connor Baxter, Michael Booth, Noic Garioud, and Ty Judson. 


    Hawaii’s Connor Baxter and North Carolina’s April Zilg won their second consecutive Carolina Cup Technical Race this weekend. Technical races are on an oceanfront course entering and exiting the surf and testing all the paddler’s skills in one event, including surfing, speed, and steering capabilities. 


    “For spectators, the Technical Sprint is the most exciting event for SUP when it comes to ocean racing,” said Event Manager and announcer Dan Gavere. “Unlike 2021, we had both elite and recreational racers in the Technical Sprint this year, and I believe it will continue to grow.”


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      2022 Carolina Cup Technical Sprint Champions Connor Baxter and April Zilg – Robert B Butler



      The Technical Sprint Top Finishers


      Men’s Division:

    • 1.   Connor Baxter, Hawaii, USA
    • 2.   Noic Garioud, New Caledonia
    • 3.   David Leao, Brazil
    • 4.   Shuri Araki, Japan
    • 5.   Ty Judson, Australia
    • 6.   Michael Booth, Australia
    • 7.   Daniel Hasulyo, Hungary/Thailand
    • 8.   Eri Tenorio, Brazil

      Women’s Division:

    • 1.   April Zilg, North Carolina, USA
    • 2.   Candice Appleby, California, USA
    • 3.   Abby Baker, California, USA
    • 4.   Juliette DuHaime, Argentina
    • 5.   Susan Krupa McCune, California, USA


    With environmental issues top-of-mind to most watersport athletes, Carolina Cup attendees were attracted to an exhibit by Mechanical Engineering students from North Carolina State University. “We are introducing our new sand removal technology,” said NCSU student Edward Byers, CEO of a senior project design team. “It’s an air-power shower that uses a light mist and air to remove sand. The AirWave uses less than 1-percent of the water; it’s cheaper to operate than a traditional beach shower; and it allows people to go inside or get in their car and not be soaking wet and uncomfortable.” 


    “The positive impact on the environment in water conservation and a reduction in wastewater could be significant,” said Mary Baggett, co-owner of Blockade Runner Beach Resort. 


    Complete lists of Carolina Cup race results with age groups and divisions are available at these links:


    Click for Harbor/Money/Graveyard OC Surfski Results


    Click here for Graveyard Elite Race Results


    Click here for the Carolina Cup Media Archive


    Mark Schmidt
    Race Director
    Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club
    P: 910-620-6914


    Robert B Butler

    Communications & Public Relations


    Permission granted for redistribution – photo credits required

    #Australia #MichaelBooth #USA #AprilZilg #CarolinaCup #WrightsvilleBeach #NorthCarolina #USA #APPWorldTour #ICF #SUP #OC1 #DragonBoat #WBPC #GraveyardRace #BlockadeRunnerResort #Paddleboard #OC1 #OC2 #OC6 #Surfski #Kayak #ProneSUP #OutriggerCanoe #DannyChing #ShuriAraki #TyJudson #ConnorBaxter #ItzelDelgado #EriTenorio #DanielHasulyo #BodieVonAllmen #TimOliver #KaelanLockhart #NoicGarioud #CarterCampbell #KimBarnes #TommyBuday #CandiceAppleby #StephanieShideler #AbbyBaker #JulietteDuhaime #EmilieFournel #RobinDelgado #ReganLittell #CasperSteinfath #TitouanPuyo #TommyBuday #ShuriAraki #TylerBashor #ArthurArutkin #KattieCarpenter #WendyTillett #ChristianAnderson #JoshRiccio #RaiTaguchi #RikaOkuaki #GiannisaVecco #CarolineKuntze #NCSU #MechanicalEngineering 


  • Sat, April 23, 2022 5:40 AM | Kristin Thomas (Administrator)

    USA SUP to Officially Launch at Carolina Cup

    Memberships now available

    Wrightsville Beach, SC.— 4/22/2022  United States of America Stand Up Paddle (USA SUP) has opened its first-ever membership drive. Following a months-long series of strategy sessions and information meetings with key stakeholders, membership now opens to enable the community to grow the sport in the United States through safe, fair and inclusive events.

    Membership levels include student, individual, family, and corporate as well as premium levels for members to take a prominent stance in this inaugural year. All levels are recognized as founding memberships with special recognition for supporting the important early work USA SUP is doing to build and strengthen SUP communities across the country. 

    “I’m super stoked to invite all of my SUP family to join us in finally creating a cohesive and inclusive paddling community” said Harrison Withers, President of USA SUP.

    To achieve their mission, USA SUP is focusing on grassroots communities by including as many event participants as possible. From local 20-person races to internationally recognized races like the Carolina Cup, USA SUP aims to provide guidance for; competition and event participation and organization; strategies to promote and embrace diversity, and community; stakeholder resources to grow the sport on the local and national stage.  

    "There are so many passionate paddlers in communities around the country and we can see the opportunity to come together for the benefit of the sport," said Fiona Wylde, board member and Youth Outreach committee co-chair for USA SUP. "Together, we can create an organization that supports all participants, from the grassroots up."


    For additional information at Carolina Cup:

    Board members Harrison Withers, Kristin Thomas, Matt Jones, and Ryan Bryker will be in attendance at The Carolina Cup race on April 16th. Look for the USA SUP flags and stop in and say hello and ask any questions you may have.

    For media queries:

    About USA SUPProduct:

    Founded in 2022, USA SUP’s mission is to grow the sport of SUP by engaging and informing participants and championing safe, inclusive, and fair communities and events. The organization is governed by eight volunteer board members with SUP industry and community backgrounds. Membership in the organization is open to all US based paddlers. USA SUP is not affiliated with any other sports governing bodies. 

  • Thu, January 06, 2022 11:27 AM | Harrison Withers (Administrator)

    The MPL schedule of events has been added to the site including the return of a DETROIT race!

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