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One Paddler's Journey ... where it begins

Tue, February 28, 2023 10:16 AM | Kristin Thomas (Administrator)

by Grant Cooper

In modern sports psychology there is an assertion you should "enjoy the journey, the process and not focus just on the goal".

It is of course based on sound principles, that the emotion of a single event / goal will flourish but then ebb and be gone within a moment while a journey provides a lifetime of lessons and learning, not only about life but you, yourself as well.

However it is equally sound to argue that "if you don't know where you are going, you can never be lost".

Eight, or maybe nine, years ago, every time I drove past a body of water, I would see people out enjoying themselves on paddleboards and a dream was born. I knew I wanted to do this, and could do this, so the journey began...

Soon after, I had my first inflatable board and was off and running, or paddling, towards my dream.

I very quickly learned about "enjoying the journey / process", as like many others my first attempts to paddle were very humbling..... and wet. But through this journey I have never lost sight of what it was I personally believed I could achieve. 

I knew then, and still now know, that one day I could wear my country's colors, my national flag, and win a medal at a World Masters SUP Event.

It will be, and is, hard work, but that dream and your "why" will fuel the flames of your efforts on your journeys path, and ultimately your growth as an athlete and person.

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