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DAY 2 Long Distance Competition Live Coverage

LONG DISTANCE - Saturday - Live Stream -Alamito Bay Yacht Club
40 photo(s) Updated on: Sat, November 11, 2023

USA SUP National Championships Day 2 Recap

After a brilliant opening day of the USA SUP National Championships, it’s hard to think that things could get better, yet they did. Warmer weather and calm conditions and an amazing venue were just some of the factors that signaled a great day before any racing started.

The location for the day was the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, a beautiful, cooperative club with a brilliant building, clean bathrooms, and a groomed green lawn with palm trees that would gently sway in the breeze – also the location for the post-race lunch and awards.

Racing for the day was the 10k and 5k distance events, respectively, with about 80 paddlers registered. The 10k course headed out the channel, into Alamitos Bay and over to Island Chafee, then back into the channel to circle the island of Naples. The 5k race started in the same location, but instead of heading out to see, completed the Naples Island lap.

The 10k race started first and as expected - Danny Ching and Bodie Von Allmen, broke early and lead from wire to wire, swapping leads several times along the way. The stongest challenge came from Jake Graham who hung with the duo until taking a swim as they surfed a bump back into the channel. In the end, age and wisdom triumphed the exuberance of youth with Danny edging out Bodie, by a board length, for the win in the Male Open division.

The Female open class perhaps provided just as good if not better storyline as Soryn Preston took the win exactly one day after her 15th birthday. In the feel-good story of the day, Soryn, one of the youngest competitors on the water, swapped leads with Legend class (70+) year-old wonder paddler, Bruce Barry, and finished within minutes of each other. Kirsten Marina Lefeldt took 2nd in the female Open class with Katie Kasprzyk rounding out the podium.

The Female and Male Masters divisions provided close racing in the 10k distance. For the Females Vicki Mills took the win chased by Shirley Heinemann and Perla Bell, Male’s Master’s featured David Wells, followed by Pete Gauvin and Brian Tucker.

Golden Master’s divisions did not disappoint with Tony Forcier, edging Karl Eugster, and Derek Turner. For the Female Division Jen Fuller took the win over USA SUP Board President Kristin Thomas with Kathy McRae rounding out the podium. 

The 5k race was dominated by Golden Master Dave Anderson, Rob Heinemann, and James Yanoschik Shared the podium. In the Male Master’s Division Robert Demarco took the win over Harrison Withers and Tony Alvarado. Troy Hendricks took the Men’s open win with Ankur Samtaney joining him on the podium. Oliver Martinez won the male youth division.

In the Female 5k, Elizabeth “Betsy” Duke took the Open class win while Zeina Kabbani, and Leann Peterson gave chase. Linda McCoy took the win in the Master’s class, with Veronica Wold and May Wong.

The third and final day of the USA SUP National Championships will feature multi-heat technical racing on an 800 meter course in sheltered water. 

USA SUP National Championships Day 2 Results

Long Distance 5K Results

Open (19 - 49) Femle 5K Disance

1. Elizabeth Duke

2. Zeina Kabbani

3. Leeann Peterson

4. Paula Catrina Samtaney

5. Keva Andersen

Masters (50+) Female 5K Distance

1. Linda Mccoy

2. Vernical Wold

3. May Wong

Open (19 - 49) Male 5K Distance

1. Troy Hendriks

2. Ankur Samtaney

Masters (50+) Male 5K Distance

1. Robert Demarco

2. Harrison Withers

3. Tony Alvarado

4. Glenn Styton 

Golden Masters (60+) Male 5K Distance

1. Dave Anderson

2. Rob Heinemann

3. James Yanoschik 

Youth (Under 15) Mail 5K Distance

1. Oliver Martinez

Long Distance 10K Results

Open (19 - 49) Female 10 Distance

1. Soryn Preston

2. Kirsten Marina Lefeldt

3. Katie Kasprzyk

4. Jennifer Flanigan 

5. Lyann Escatel 

6. Susan Krupa Mccune

7. Megan Gideon

Masters (50+) Female 10K Distance

1. Vicki Mills

2. Shirley Heinemann

3. Perla Bell

4. Suzy Dyer

5. Josette Lata 

Golden Masters (60+) Female 10K Distance

1. Jen Fuller

2. Kristin Thomas 

3. Kathy Mcrae

4. Annie Myers

5. CC Moncada 

Open (19 - 49) Male 10K Distance

1. Danny Ching

2. Bodie von Allmen

3. Jake Graham 

4. Riley Jaggi 

5. Paul Pianowski

6. Ethan Huff

7. Dennis Gibson 

8. Bo Weidner

9. Jeremy Nicholson 

10. Hayden Greiwe

11. Blake Hacker 

12. Dan Miller

Masters (50+) Male 10K Distance

1. David Wells

2. Pete Gauvin

3. Bryan Tucker

4. Bill Mcgrath

5. Ivan Storck

6. Juerg Geser 

7. Rich D'souza

8. Shawn Tierney

9. Chris Patay

10. Daryl Caringi 

11. Adrian Angell 

12. Sean Arnold 

13. John Hansen 

Golden Masters (60+) Male 10K Distance

1. Tony Forcier

2. Karl Eugster

3. Derek Turner

4. Sean Sullivan

5. Joe Bechtold

6. Michael Markunas

7. Barrie Williams

8. Rafi Manoukian

9. Andy Dowdell

Legends (70+) Male 10K Distance

1. Bruce Barry

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